Financial Modeling for Entrepreneurs

As an Entrepreneur if you are looking Financial Modeling Training in Dubai then Tafkeer Professional Development offers different courses for professionals in United Arab Emirates and this Financial Modeling for Entrepreneurs Training in Dubai will be delivered using templates provided by the instructor, participant will build sections of the model’s structure, algorithms that drive logic, Data Tables, PivotTables, graphs, Scenarios, and other critical modeling components.

Financial models are used to forecast the performance of an organization, project, or any other form of financial investment. They model the relationship between various macro-economic, operating, investing, tax, accounting, and financing variables.

Business Thinking & Financial Model

  • Business thinking will enhance the probability that your financial model will provide a meaningful analysis of your company, helping you explain your success strategies to a potential investor.
  • Your Financial Model should be designed to drive out the value proposition of your company, to uncover the profit engine of your enterprise.
  • Financial models are not about absolute values; they are about relationships.
  • A good financial model demonstrates the relationships and the business tradeoffs that compose the profitability potential of the business idea.
  • If you understand the relationships, the drivers of revenue, drivers of cost, and critical success factors, you understand the core of the business.

Investors’ Curiosity

  • Cool idea; how do you make money with it?
  • How much do you need and when?
  • What do you think your company is worth?

Strategies That Build Value and Credibility

  1. Performance and execution
  2. People and process
  3. Ownership and control