General Provisions and Administrative Measures

Regulations on Terrorists’ Lists under UAE AML Law, AML Training Dubai

General Provisions and Administrative Measures

General Provisions and Administrative Measures: Terrorism Lists Regulation and Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on the Suppression and Combating of Terrorism, Terrorist Financing, Countering the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and its Financing and Relevant Resolutions Abrogating: Cabinet Decision No. 20 dated 25/02/2019.

General Provisions

1- Any person who, due to the nature of their work, has access to, or becomes aware of, any information provided or exchanged pursuant to the provisions of the present Decision, whether directly or indirectly, shall not disclose this information in any form, unless for the purposes of implementing the present Decision.

2- A person who, in good faith, freezes Funds, denies disposal thereof, refuses to provide financial services relating thereto, or declines to perform any other obligation in compliance with the provisions of the present Decision, shall be exempt from any damages or claims resulting from such actions.

3- Violating the provisions of the present Decision shall result in the implementation of penal and administrative sanctions stipulated in Federal Decree Law No. (20) of 2018.

Administrative Measures

1- Both the Council and the Office may, within the limits of their respective mandates, issue procedures and instructions concerning the implementation of the present Decision.

2- Procedures, criteria and templates adopted by the UN Security Council and its Committees are considered the main reference for implementing the provisions of the present Decision and any other related procedures.

3- Subject to relevant UNSCRs, the Council or the Office, as the case may be, may ask the Ministry of Justice to appoint whoever it deems appropriate to manage frozen Funds, if necessary.

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