Importance of Delivering Quality Customer Service

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Importance of Delivering Quality Customer Service

The following article discusses the Importance of Delivering Quality Customer Service in an organization.

Delivering Quality

  • Benchmarking in Quality Management
  • Quality from a customer perspective
  • The types of benchmarking in relation to quality
  • Typical steps in a benchmarking process
  • Defining the key factors to be benchmarked
  • Defining quality and the standards of service
  • The components of service quality
  • How to set standards
  • Involving others in the process
  • Excellence in customer service is an important factor and prerequisite for organizational performance
  • The core of customer service is “Ethics”, and the art of it is dealing with others
  • The difference between “client” and “customer”
  • A profile of different customers personalities
  • Client’s expectation from your product or service?
  • Benefits of excellence in customer service
  • Looking to customers’ complaints as “Customers’ gifts to you”, and as valuable chances for improvement and development
  • Managing your customers’ complaints (Customers’ gifts)
  • Levels of customers’ satisfaction towards your service or product
  • (Bad, fair, good, very good & excellent)
  • Is it true that creative ideas and best practices of customer service suit others and may not suit us?!
  • The fault of anger (By customer or by you), and how to deal with angry customer and difficult personalities?
  • Dress to impress and look like a star… How can service provider dress to leave positive impression?
  • Leave the right “First impression” about you and your product, service and organization.

Delivering Results

  • Accountability development skills:
  • Delegating;
  • Coaching;
  • Dealing with poor performance;
  • Motivating and empowering
  • The performance management process:
  • Delivering a motivational performance reviews;
  • Objective setting for results and measuring performance
  • Creating high performing teams:
  • The importance of teamwork;
  • Why it can fail;
  • Stages of team development,
  • Team working skills assessment to analyses your team’s performance;
  • Working with teams
  • How to motivate staff to embrace initiatives and take responsibility for their actions
  • How to encourage staff to be critical over their own work ethic

Tafkeer Professional Development offers Customer Services Training in Dubai with following key takeaways and learning objectives.

Key Takeaways

  • Realize the importance of customer service in a competitive environment
  • Understand the best techniques of managing customer’s expectations.
  • Satisfying customers and exceeding their expectations
  • Dealing with customers’ feedback, and responding appropriately to solve their problems
  • Build a service culture in your Organization

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop you should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of internal and external customers and respond effectively to their priorities
  • Improve the operational effectiveness of the Service Function
  • Measure the quality and effectiveness of the service offered internally and externally
  • Define customer satisfaction processes and activities and measure their effectiveness

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