Best Time Management Techniques and Strategies

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Best Time Management Techniques and Strategies

Best Time Management Techniques and Strategies: Time management in our daily tasks either in studies or at work is critical to our success. Why it is at premium these days? Because we have so many things that are distracting us from our focus, devices that keep us constantly connected with work, with friends and family, and sometimes even with complete strangers. As a result, it’s easy to get distracted.

So here are some tips to learn “Time Management”.

Take a long breath and take some time to list down tasks you need to accomplish.

Assign realistic priorities to each task see below some examples:

  • Priority 1: due today by 6pm
  • Priority 2: due tomorrow by 6pm
  • Priority 3: due by the end of the week
  • Priority 4: due during next week

You can further prioritize tasks within this grouping by adding a decimal place. For example,

  • Priority 1.0 task needs to be done immediately.
  • Priority 1.5 tasks simply need to be done by the end of day

Balance your effort

  • Live in present. Concentrate On what is at hand, do not allow yourself to lose focus.
  • Complete one task and move to next (Daily then weekly then monthly and so on)
  • Make one of your final daily tasks the completion of tomorrow’s task list.
  • Each day should be ended with a new task sheet for tomorrow to keep you on track.
  • Ultimately it will give you growth.

What is your most productive time of day?

  • Play a game with yourself by competing against the clock.
  • Work in fifteen minute, half hour or hour intervals; scientifically it is known that 45 minutes work followed by a 10 minutes rest is the best for the average studier.
  • Give yourself a time goal to complete a portion of a task or the entire task.
  • Breaks provide incentive by giving you something to look forward to having.

Keep track of your progress. 

  • You’ll feel more relieved and relaxed just by getting through the daily tasks.
  • Not only will you be getting things done, finishing tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and spur motivation
  • Rewrite and prioritize your list on a regular basis.
  • Add new tasks to the list on daily basis.
  • Eliminate or adjust tasks that are completed, or fall in priority.
  • Delegate some tasks to others if possible

Leave time for fun.

  • While there are times when we just need to power through a large project, it’s important to give yourself time to let loose.
  • Not only will it refresh your mind, it’s good for your body, too. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time but make sure that you do!

Sleep for 6-8 hours every night

Getting the proper amount of sleep will help to keep you alert, efficient and energetic, able to think clearly, and function at a high level.

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