CMA in Dubai, considering studying for CMA in Dubai

CMA Training Course in Dubai, CMA in Dubai Abu Dhabi

CMA in Dubai, considering studying for CMA in Dubai

In Dubai, which CMA Variant should I Go for?

Are you considering studying for CMA in Dubai? If so, you must find yourself standing at crossroads. There are different bodies in different countries that award CMA certification including Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, UK and US. And choosing the relevant CMA-awarding institution in a certain country can be a tricky task.

So how does one decide which awarding institution to go for?

You look at the market of the country you are in. Job markets in different parts of the world have different preferences when it comes to CMA-awarding institutions. Accounting standards and other financial mechanisms vary from organization to organization and having preferring a certain certification over another is natural.

Dubai, as a general rule, prefers US standards when it comes to management accounting. Management accountants with qualifications from non-US-based awarding institutions do find decent jobs. However, their counterparts with US-based CMA certifications find it even easier to land attractive and promising corporate positions.

Hence, it becomes natural for those interested in studying for CMA in Dubai opt for the US based qualification-awarding body, IMA – Institute of Management Accountants.

According to the IMA website, ‘More than 100,000 accountants and financial professionals look to IMA for programs and services to help expand their financial management skills, enhance their organization’s performance, and empower their career potential.’

So once a person decides to prepare for US-based CMA in Dubai, he/she gets complete support from the US based Institute of Management Accountants. In addition to the support from IMA, support from the body where students prepare for their exams is also very essential.

There are several institutes in Dubai that full-time as well as part-time students go to for CMA examination preparation. Click here to find details of the most popular CMA preparation center in Dubai.

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