How to Create Customer Delight

How to Create Customer Delight

How to Create Customer Delight

How to Create Customer Delight: To build the truly loyal customer base you need to sustain and grow your business, you need to go beyond mere “customer satisfaction.” You’ve got to shoot for nothing less than customer delight, every time. Creating Customer Delight “lets you count the ways” to communicate to your customers that you want to help them fulfill their needs, and make them feel cared for.

Each slide introduces a new way to avoid the most common causes of communication breakdown and customer dissatisfaction, and help you to reach out to the customer.

From welcoming your customer, understanding his or her needs, and dealing with dissatisfaction, to empowering yourself to function well in every sales situation, Creating Customer Delight shows you how to make your service matter to your customer, your business, and to your own sense of professional and personal well-being. Stories of customer service in a wide variety of fields demonstrate behaviors to avoid that can alienate your customer, as well as ways to reach out to customers in every situation. You’ll also learn:

  • Skills and strategies for quickly winning customers over
  • Tactics for avoiding problems and preventing customer dissatisfaction
  • Techniques for resolving just about any crisis
  • Tested-in-the-trenches techniques for de-clawing your most ornery customers
  • Tricks for maintaining customer focus
  • Methods for fostering a strong service ethic company-wide

Your guide to providing exceptional service and pleasing even your hardest-to-please customers, every time, Creating Customer Delight gives you the tools you need to delight your customers and build a strong and loyal customer base for lasting success.

“Count the ways” to fill your customer’s needs

In today’s customer-driven marketplace, the first commandment is to “Love your Customer.” Asif Qureshi explains how you can show your customers “how much do I love you” in this quick, fun, and illuminating workshop to winning customer loyalty.

Using equal parts humor and understanding, Creating Customer Delight explains how to personally connect with each customer, demonstrating how the effort of providing a valued service can build a profitable relationship, while satisfying your needs for professional and personal fulfillment in the workplace.

With the help of numerous, real-world scenarios, you’ll explore an array of typical customer service situations, learn which behaviors can lead customer dissatisfaction–and you’ll learn proven, people-oriented methods for creating delight in every customer, every time, including:

  • Strategies for calming customers’ anxieties, gaining their trust, and convincing them that you care about their happiness
  • Maneuvers for heading off customer dissatisfaction
  • Tactics for taking the “cuss” out of even the most ornery customers
  • Techniques for quickly defusing any customer crisis
  • Ways to keep your people focused on customer satisfaction

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