Training and Development

Learn the skills and techniques used by the world’s leading teams.

Our Product Lines

We train people in skills they need to work more efficiently, boost careers and improve organization’s efficiency, creativity and performance. Whether you are looking to enhance leadership skills, finance training, audit and compliance training, get management training, or keep up-to-date with latest practices and trends,  with us you will find an outstanding solution for all your training needs.

Business and Leadership

Our content covers the most critical business challenges facing organizations today, including leadership, business acumen, building teams and relationships and effective communications.

Sales and Marketing

Tafkeer Professional Development’s sales and marketing courses provide leading-edge learning with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and guaranteed business growth.

Data Analytics and Decisions

Employers are waking up to the fact that employees with the ability to use data and analytics to solve business problems. Understanding data is the next big thing. Our data analysis courses address methods for managing, analyzing large datasets and make business decisions.

Finance and Accounting

Our finance training courses will help you stay up-to-date with tools and techniques used in finance and accounting courses offered by Tafkeer Professional Development in Middle East and North Africa region.

Audit and Risk Management

Tafkeer Professional Development’s portfolio of auditing courses will help you stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques in Audit, Risk, Fraud Investigation and Governance.

Other Courses

Tafkeer Professional Development’s other courses include Business Operations, Business Management Procurement & Supply, Human Resources, Strategic Management, Information Technology, Soft Skills, Project Management and many more.

We believe that, before the training day, the participants should train their brains for the training before the training happens, this helps delegates not only to digest the training content but also makes the training exercise more fun & focused. The learning so learned, nobody can take it away from you.

About us

Tafkeer Professional Development is the leading global training provider of finance, audit, soft skills, leadership skills and risk management conferences, training and research.

Our Vision

Development of transformative global leaders, textured with rich blended knowledge from academia and industry to serve as co-creators of sustainable institutional growth.

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