5 Reasons why you need Accounting and Finance Training

Importance of Accounting Dashboards, Dashboard Reporting Dubai 5 Reasons why you need Accounting and Finance Training

5 Reasons why you need Accounting and Finance Training

5 Reasons why you need Accounting and Finance Training: Are you in high school? Thinking of future prospects? Have responsibility with numbers? Wondering which one of the gazillions of different fields – medicine, engineering, business, hospitality, natural sciences, humanities, etc. – to choose from?


Professionals in the field of accountancy are known for their reliability and trustworthiness. They are recognized as the backbones of organizations. The significance of their work makes them essential for the short-term as well as long-term planning, forecasting, decision-making and risk management.

Challenging/ Interesting

Gone are the days when accounts used to be all about old men scribbling with ball point pens in gigantic ledgers. Today, most data entry is automated/ computerized and a very small portion of an accountant’s time is spent recording transactions.

Accountants often engage in challenging and crucial tasks including substantiating financial transactions with auditing documents, recommending or creating policies for accountancy procedures, creating financial statements and reports, supervising financial control, securing financial information by creating backups and coordinating with different departments of the organizations about budgeting and financing of different projects.

Ever Green Profession

Did you know that 10 of the most demanded jobs in 2010 did not exist 2004? Yes, the global village is growing smaller everyday cutting of jobs that are redundant, inefficient or obsolete. In such times, being in a field as ever-green as accountancy really helps you feel stress free. Accountancy forms the backbone of all financial transactions and it will never go out of fashion.

Yes, there are times when accountants feel the need to upgrade themselves to keep up with global changes. To do so they have a wide range of programs to choose from depending on the area they wish to specialize in further.

High opportunity

Unlike many other professions, accountancy is not limited by types of industry, sizes of organization or any other factor. The need for someone to handle funds will always exist. So, accountants have the freedom of moving among different industries and geographical locations!


It takes so much – perfect high school grades, big brains and some luck – to get into a good medical school for a rewarding career. Guess what! You can have an almost equally rewarding career if you enter the field of accountancy. Yes, once you enter a certain accountancy program and work with dedication, there is no looking behind! The path is by no means easy, but no path is that promises so many rewards! Reputable employers, humungous salaries, extra benefits, ample opportunities of growth and ease of studying ahead await those who choose the field of accountancy!

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