Why Professional Qualification is important along with Training?

Corporate conferences and workshops Why Professional Qualification is important along with Training?

Why Professional Qualification is important along with Training?

Why Professional Qualification is important along with Training?: Are you caught up in a dilemma and can’t decide which study program to go for? Confused between professional and academic qualifications? Let us help you with sorting it all out!

We are assuming that you have read our earlier blog post, ‘What is a professional qualification?. Having understood that, let’s now find out the benefits that professional qualifications offer. Here we go…

Excellence in chosen Field

When students decide to take examinations of professional qualifications, they have to be trained by trainers with corporate experience. Studying with such professionals exposes them to challenges and issues that await them outside the classroom.

Once they enter the professional field they have an edge over their counterparts with academic degrees.

Statuary Recognition

Given the name behind professional qualifications, they are recognized world over. Wherever someone with a professional qualification goes, he/she is received with the same level of respect and appreciation. However, a word of caution – don’t fall for any qualification that claims to be a professional. Do your research about the authenticity of the professional body before making your decision.

Valuable support

Professional qualifications are granted by professional bodies with a wide network of organizations. These organizations are primary employers of students certified by professional bodies such as ACCA.

Once, a student signs up at the professional body’s website as an examination candidate, he/she is provided all the support required to get onto the next level. From identifying tuition centers, to getting the right study material to identifying examination centers!

Career progression

Once a student succeeds in obtaining the professional qualification, the journey ahead becomes even clearer. Becoming a registered member of a professional body means access to a wide range of study materials, organizations and professionals. These opportunities translate into better career options.

Many professionals, at different levels of their career, are known to turn back to the professional bodies they are associated with for guidance and support.

Mobility / travel

While the world has shrunk into a global village, it has also become much more complex too. The economic, political and other conditions of countries vary more frequently than ever before. Given such a climate, people today feel greater need to migrate in search of better living prospects. A professional qualification along with its widespread recognition allows, allows professionals to move from one country to another. This means ample opportunities of travel, meeting new people and exploring the world. Does that sound so exciting?

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