Prepare and Plan your Negotiation Effectively

Advanced Negotiating Skills Training in Dubai UAE, Negotiation Skills Dubai Prepare and Plan your Negotiation Effectively

Prepare and Plan your Negotiation Effectively

Go trough this list before starting the negotiation to Prepare and Plan your Negotiation Effectively

  1. What exactly are we going to negotiate/ what is the aim of the negotiation?
  2. I have read all correspondence, contracts etc. relating to the case and have asked all internal parties, who has previously been involved in the case
  3. What is my goal in this negotiation?
  4. Shall I bring any partners or internal specialist for the negotiation?
  5. Who is the other part in the negotiation?
  6. How many are they, what is his/ her/their title, position, decision making?
  7. What is the other persons INTEREST and what goal do I think they have and WHY?
  8. What in our common interest could I do to bring more (non expected) value to the customer? – What questions do I want to ask the other side when exploring these possibilities?
  9. What issues/ objections are most probably going to come during the negotiation and how will I deal with them? See attached list.
  10. I have prepared facts, examples, ideas, images, previous dialogues, arguments and other

If price/ money is involved in the negotiation:

  • What is my lowest/ highest price and what do I think is the “customers” lowest/highest price?
  • What is the zone of potential agreement? (This is the zone in which a deal can take place.
  • What are the ad-ons I could suggest to bring more value to the “customers”?

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