Request to Listing on Another Country’s List

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Request to Listing on Another Country’s List

Request to Listing on Another Country’s List: Terrorism Lists Regulation and Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on the Suppression and Combating of Terrorism, Terrorist Financing, Countering the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and its Financing and Relevant Resolutions Abrogating: Cabinet Decision No. 20 dated 25/02/2019.

Request to Listing on Another Country’s List

Subject to paragraph (2) of Article (2) of the present Decision, the Council may, unilaterally, request a foreign country to list a person or organization that meets the designation criteria under UNSCR 1373 (2001) on the local list of such country, through the following procedures:

1- Communicate through diplomatic or established security channels with the country of nationality or previous or current residence of the person or organization, to obtain, as much as possible, information supporting the Listing request.

2- The Listing request should include as much details as possible on the grounds and justifications of such request and may include the following:

a- Specific information supporting links to terrorist organizations, individuals or activities or otherwise establishing that the person or organization meets the designation criteria.

b- Evidence or documents supporting the Listing request such as reports from Law Enforcement Authorities, security services, the Judiciary, the media and others.

3- The Council shall attach to the Listing request all personal information to enable accurate and positive identification of the person requested for listing, along with all data and information supporting that the person requested for listing meets the designation criteria set forth in UNSCR 1373 (2001).

4- The Council shall send the Listing request to the Ministry, which would in turn address the  concerned country and notify the Council upon receipt of the response.

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