How claim Refund of Tax from GAZT in Saudi Arabia

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How claim Refund of Tax from GAZT in Saudi Arabia

How claim Refund of Tax from GAZT in Saudi Arabia: The taxpayer is entitled to request refund of any overpayment made under the provisions of the Law within five years of the year for which the overpayment was made. The refund request should be submitted by the taxpayer or by a duly authorized representative.

The Department should consider the refund request, verify overpayment and conclude refund procedures within 30 days of date of receipt of the refund request.

A refund request shall not be considered if there are due returns not filed with the Department by the taxpayer.

A refund request for overpayment in regard to objection or appeal cases shall not be considered unless a final resolution confirming the entitlement of the taxpayer to the amount has been issued and the taxpayer has submitted a request.

If the Department is late in making refund of verified overpayment, the taxpayer shall be compensated at 1 percent of the overpayment for every 30 days of the delay starting 30 days from the receipt date of the refund request to the date of refund. A period less than 30 days shall not be considered for compensation.

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