How much is Enough: Selling Careers, Diverting Minds

How much is Enough Selling Careers, Diverting Minds

How much is Enough: Selling Careers, Diverting Minds

How much is Enough: Selling Careers, Diverting Minds: Careers, Jobs, Salary, Increments, Promotions, Vacancies, almost all of us are familiar of these words and some times these are part of our daily routine conversations. As a matter of fact there is not one single day of the year when we wouldn’t have used or thought about these, which may refer to our future, past or present that we’re living in.

The reason behind this very fact is our education system and the people associated with it, I mean the Educationists or the so-called career advisers.

Are we so scared of having new blood, new thoughts, new competition, new people who can take control of the economy as Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs and these so-called Career Advisers are just diverting and convincing them to go for job hunting, which seems to be in shortage, career and how much salary will they be getting after certain qualifications which is resulting in push to unemployment.

It won’t be wrong to say that every qualification has its unique recipe to prepare a student for future and if the qualification specifically encourage a future in doing job then it does not mean that the future is only Job/being employee.

What we need is Human Capital Development Strategy which can rightly pin-point the need of individuals to be hired for each business sector/ department and core focus should be on filtering the human capital and look for the Entrepreneur’s DNA. Not me but everyone of us wants to see “VACANCIES AVAILABLE” with a few Job Applications. 🙂

Couple of days before I got answers to my questions to this very issue and you know what Tafkeer Professional Development took this initiative to the next level by announcing a unique interactive training session on Youth Entrepreneurship.

I mean it was like “Screw It, Let’s Do It” sort of feeling when I first read the course outline and its objectives. Tafkeer Professional Development’s initiative will work as “full stop” to unemployment and will prove to be a two-way road to success & strong economy.

I think now is the time to say “THIS MUCH IS ENOUGH”.

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