Application of UAE AML Law on Foreigners

Application of UAE AML Law on Foreigners, AML Law UAE

Application of UAE AML Law on Foreigners

This article discusses Federal Decree by Law No 20 of 2018 on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism and Financing of Illegal Organizations in United Arab Emirates. Here we will see Application of UAE AML Law on Foreigners in detail.

If any foreigner is convicted of a money laundering crime or any offence mentioned in this Decree-Law, and is given a sanction restricting his freedom, he must be deported from the UAE.

Without prejudice to Clause (1) of this article, if any foreign person is convicted for other criminal offences provided hereunder this Decree-Law, and is given a sentence restricting his freedom, the court may decide to deport him from the UAE or order him to be deported instead of imposing a sanction restricting his freedom.

The criminal case shall not be subject to the statute of limitations for money laundering or financing terrorism or illegal organisations crimes. The sanctions shall not lapse with time or with the lapse of any related civil legal cases due to statute of limitations.

This Decree Law shall not prejudice the provisions of refereed Federal Law (7) of 2014.

The Financing of illegal organisations is considered a crime if its purpose is to undermine the internal security of the State or its vital interests thereof and terrorism financing crime are considered as crimes intended to undermine the internal and external security of the State.

Imprisonment and a fine

Imprisonment and a fine or one of the two penalties shall be imposed on anyone who intentionally fails to disclose or refrains from providing additional information upon request, from him or deliberately conceals information that must be disclosed or deliberately presents incorrect information, in violation of the provisions provided for in Article 8 of this Decree-Law. Upon conviction, the Court may rule on the confiscation of seized funds without prejudice to the rights of others acting in good faith

Employees appointed by a decision of the Minister of Justice, in coordination with the Governor, shall have the status of law enforcement officers in proving acts that are in violation of the provisions of this Decree Law or its Implementing Regulations or the decisions issued thereunder.

The Cabinet shall issue the Implementing Regulation of this Decree-Law based upon the proposal of Minister.

Any provision that violates or conflicts with the provisions of this Decree-Law shall be revoked.

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