Destination Training

Destination Training: With rapid development in technological trends, mindsets, rising training demands, introduction of new training topics and skillset required by organizations all over the world, the need of continuously updating one’s professional memorandum/ knowledge bank acquires prime importance.

Whilst learning platform in numerous ways and techniques in recent years, it becomes extremely important for professionals to update their skills and knowledge in order to match the modern methods/ techniques to grow and become valuable assets for their organizations.

There are number of methods for training such as Public Training, In-house Training, Webinars, Seminars, Workshops and Online training option. Keeping this in mind, Tafkeer Professional Development started Destination Training (Outstation Training) for Professionals on constant travel providing them an opportunity to change the fate of their professional lives forever.

Our Destination Training enables professionals from all over the world to enhance their skillset even when they are travelling or are on vacations to book their training. Be it any place in your country or Dubai, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London, Spain, France, Italy, Asia, Russia, Romania, Albania, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Qatar, Bangkok, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt or any other location on the Globe.

Tafkeer Professional Development guarantees to provide exceptional Destination Training Services to participants worldwide. Be it any part of the world, our certified experienced trainers are always there to train you as per your preferred topic, location, timings, and schedules.

Our Training Beyond Borders brings a new touch to training process and unmatched learning experience that we have to offer to our participants with a blend of learning, tourism, relieving stress with local activities and much more.

We provide destination training as on-site training or training in any country which is flying a trainer to your desired location/ country, training you as per your own convenience and learning pace.

Destination Training Highlights

  • Training on your desired topic/ training content
  • Training as per your choice of location and country
  • Get trained from certified and industry experienced experts/ trainers/ coaches
  • Training as per your preferred timings and location/ country/ city
  • Complete assistance in hotel booking, accommodation, travel, visa application and travel guide
  • Easy access to study material via mail or courier (whichever preferred)
  • Explore your dream destinations while updating your knowledge base
  • Training as per course content specified

What you need to do

All you need to do is choose from the wide variety of options given and follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • After finalizing the course, you need to inform us so that we can share the concerned course’s duration, cost and other relative information
  • You can also share your topic of choice for us to deliver in destination training
  • After confirming your taken up course and relative information, we book your slots and trainer
  • Choose a hotel of your own choice, we can even assist you on the same
  • Book your flight and apply for visa, we can issue invitation letter to get visa
  • Confirm your dates with us so that we can send our trainer to your location
  • Start your training as per your own convenience

One of our main tasks is to educate and inform you on the vast variety of places, events and travel ideas.

Seminars and Workshops

We launch and offer several workshops, seminars, training courses, programs and conferences in cities across the world. Often we team up with our training destination partners to bring about local experience and professionalism. Join us for a great opportunity to learn more about the destination training around the globe.

To schedule an in-office training or to receive updates and invitations regarding above trainings and events, contact us and let us add you to our preferred partner database.

Note: All the expenses of the trainer, venue, entertainment etc will be borne by Tafkeer Professional Development, you just need to pay the desired fee for the opted course and your travel cost.

Customized in-house training service

We can customize any course to fit your requirements and bring them in-house or at a location of your choice

Real-world, not just theory

Learn the skills and techniques being used today by the world’s leading teams

Practical Training Methods

We use real-life case studies and group exercises to illustrate each learning point. You’ll leave with skills and techniques that you can apply as soon as you get back to your office.

Expert Trainers

Our Trainers are leaders in the field with local, regional and global expertise.

Important note

  • Training programs under Destination Training are prepared as an In-House Training
  • If the training is to happen in Dubai-UAE/ United Kingdom/ Europe then we will issue Visa Letters for visa approval/ application (visa, travel, lodging costs are to be borne by the participants, (in case participants are flying in from outside UAE) and we will bear the training venue costs including refreshments/ tea / coffee.
  • We’ll surely assist in booking hotels for you, issue visa issuance letters (in case participants are flying in from outside UAE) to be applied by you