Why Feedback is important in Customer Service

What is Benchmarking in Customers Services Why Feedback is important in Customer Service

Why Feedback is important in Customer Service


Why Feedback is important in Customer Service: In your teams discuss the True or False statements in the questionnaire and agree your answers.

Tick the True or False column as appropriate.

True or False? True False
Feedback is a general term for giving praise or criticism.
Feedback is based on your personal opinions or feelings.
Feedback can only be given by a manager to his/her staff.
When giving negative feedback you should try to say something nice first.
You can give feedback through any communication medium. E.g., face to face, over the phone, by letter, or by e-mail.
Feedback is intended to tell a person where they are going wrong.
When you give feedback you should leave the other person in no doubt about your feelings.
Feedback should be given once or twice a year.
It is not wise to enter into a discussion with the person once you have given your feedback.

Providing Constructive Feedback

There are four elements involved in providing constructive feedback.

Content: Timing:
What you say. When you say it.
Manner: Frequency:
How you say it. How often you give Feedback.

Re-Scripting Feedback

Working with your team, look at the following statements and decide whether each is constructive and helpful, or potentially destructive and unhelpful.

  1. If you feel a statement is unhelpful or destructive, suggest an alternative.
  2. Thanks for that – it was great!
  3. That’s not right. What is it about this task that confuses you?
  4. I think you did a good job there; the paperwork is all accurate and in the right order. That’ll help us later when we have to do a file audit – thanks.
  5. Your performance at the moment is just not up to scratch.
  6. The report contained all the necessary information, with a clear executive summary and was well presented too – many thanks for your effort.
  7. I’m sorry, but your attitude stinks!
  8. You’ll have to do it again; it’s just not acceptable!
  9. Talk me through your ideas here. I’m not sure how this will take us to the outcome we are looking for. Perhaps we can walk through the process together?

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