The Importance of Direction to Intelligence Procedures

The Importance of Direction to Intelligence Procedures

The Importance of Direction to Intelligence Procedures

Importance of Direction

The Importance of Direction to Intelligence Procedures: Direction is the ‘start’ of the intelligence cycle. This phase informs the rest of the process, and defines the information gap, and intelligence requirement.

With the subsequent modifications to the model, it has also become the ‘end’ of the cycle (feedback)

Standing information requirements are usually rooted to the organizational purpose and don’t often change. They refer to information that continues to be important to know.

Specific information requirements come from the requirement to know a specific data . Usually used to inform a plan or deliberate action, it is also referred to as ‘Requests For Information’ or ‘RFIs’.

Identifying Sources of Information

  • Companies Declared Documents
  • National Accountancy Institutes
  • Collective GDP Of The Land
  • Supply Chain Health


Understand the broad scope of collection assets that may be available to an intelligence team

Understand the utility of imagery, communications and human intelligence to the collection process

Understand the growing role of open source intelligence and social media to modern intelligence teams. This will broaden into a discussion on the importance of big data to intelligence gatherers

Techniques for managing collection and the passage of data between organisations will be discussed and exercised

The Collection Assets

A collection system, platform, or capability that is supporting, assigned, or attached to a particular requirement

The Assets

There are two main types of Assets (with some subtypes)

  • Traditional Assets
  • Advance Assets

Traditional Assets

These Assets include

  • News
  • Archives
  • Historic Data

Advance Assets

These Assets include

  • Algorithms
  • Big Data
  • Digital
  • Open Source

These Assets can be traditional or advance

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