Procedure of De-listing from Sanctions List on Terrorists

Regulations on Terrorists’ Lists under UAE AML Law, AML Training Dubai

Procedure of De-listing from Sanctions List on Terrorists under UAE Law

Procedure of De-listing from Sanctions List on Terrorists: The procedures of implementing the Cabinet’s resolution No. (20) of 2019 concerning the regulations on Terrorists’ Lists; and implementing the Security Council’s Resolutions (this also includes Anti Money Laundering Law of UAE) concerning the prevention and suppression of terrorism, terrorism financing and proliferation financing.

Procedure of De-listing from Sanctions List

The Office shall direct the petitioner/applicant to the website of the Office in order to familiarize the petitioner/applicant of the mechanism and address of submitting requests to the ombudsman or the Focal Point, as the case may be.

The Designated, wishing to delist their names from the Sanctions List, shall submit the request/application to the Focal Point or the Ombudsman, as the case may be and in coordination with the concerned State(s).

The Office shall Receive the request of additional information from the Ombudsman or the Focal Point regarding the submitted request from any Designated for the purpose of delisting their names.

The Office, and the relevant authority assisting thereof upon the discretion of the Office, shall study the de-listing request within a timeframe determined by the Ombudsman or the Focal Point, provide its remarks and to what extent that Person or entity is entitled of being de-listed from the Sanctions list. The Office shall have the right to ask any question(s) or demand further explanation(s) to be sent to the petitioner/applicant person or entity, also, respond to any other inquiries might be raised from the Ombudsman or the Focal Point.

Submit a request for de-listing a deceased listed individual to the Sanctions Committee attaching the Death Certificate therewith, also, a request for de-listing an entity that does not exist anymore or does not perform actual activities; the Office then, shall have to take necessary measures to ensure the funds that were in the possession of such Designated are not transferred to other Designated or being distributed to them at any time. Moreover, verify that the heirs or beneficiaries of the frozen funds are not listed in the Sanctions List; and the Office shall report to the Security Council or Sanctions Committee of such.

The Office shall take necessary measures, as outlined in Clause (Third) to de-list and remove its implications, after having received response to the application/request from the Security Council or Sanctions Committee.

If the State is the one who suggested the designation in the Sanctions List, and the application/request was reported to the Ombudsman or the Focal Point, then the Office shall coordinate with the Council to study the application/request and proceed the above-mentioned procedures.

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