Auditing for non-Auditors

This Auditing for non-Auditors Training in Dubai United Arab Emirates syllabus provides participants theoretical and practical knowledge for the implementation of the Control and Risk best practices for non auditors.

The main objective is the presentation of the principles and methodologies of Operational Auditing. The training syllabus ensures that participants would acquire the basic knowledge in specialized operational auditing practices, covering all areas of modern companies’ activities.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the role of an auditor and the impact on business performance
  • Improve communications and reporting skills
  • Learn how to adapt your auditing techniques across management systems
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for improvement within your organization

What are the benefits?

  • Ensure management systems are audited properly and stay compliant
  • Achieve continual improvement through regular auditing
  • Encourage professional development and employee retention

Course Outline

Overview of Internal Audit

  • The functions of management: planning, organizing, implementing and controlling
  • Defining internal audit
  • Modern approach to auditing
  • Internal audit as a function of corporate governance
  • Reasons to have an internal audit function
  • Auditing for non-Auditors Training
  • Distinguishing internal from external auditing
  • Scope of internal auditing: the internal audit charter
  • Staffing the internal audit function
  • Role of audit committee
  • Defining the audit committee
  • Mandatory provisions for an audit committee
  • Functions of the audit committee
  • Guidelines for judging effectiveness of audit committee

Types of Internal Auditing

  • Performance auditing
  • Operational auditing
  • Financial auditing: accounting cycles audited by the internal audit function
  • Compliance auditing

Auditing Essentials

  • Importance of auditing for non-auditors
  • Role of non-auditors in auditing process
  • Internal audit Vs external audit
  • Developing team relationships
  • The challenges of audit reporting