Communicating to Influence

The course on Communicating to Influence in Dubai will helps individuals to develop their ability to deliver a meaningful message that has maximum impact and influence. The course will strengthens the ability of delegates to pitch influential content face-to-face or virtually.

Communication is one of the most important leadership qualities you could have. Needless to say, if you don’t have effective communication in your leadership toolkit, you could be heading for disaster.

Communication moves information. Influence moves ideas into action, and produces an effect without the use of force or command. Becoming a strong communicator and influencer could be the key to getting your proposals, ideas, and projects over the line.

This training on Communicating to Influence in Dubai will assist you to understand your own natural communication style and the challenges and opportunities it presents while managing and influencing others. It will show you how to adapt your communication skills to the situation and the people involved. This will strengthen your ability to pitch influential content face-to-face or virtually.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to build rapport and trust with stakeholders
  • Learn how to analyse how people prefer to think and communicate
  • Learn how to understand and read other people’s body language and to communicate the message.
  • Identify and use the thinking patterns of individuals to frame an idea and communicate
  • Understand the conditions for trust and use trust principles to build trust with individuals
  • Analyse an individual’s values and priorities including: openness, security, creativity, listening
  • Understanding of own communication style
  • Appropriate communication techniques
  • Deal with difficult situations confidently
  • Sensitively undertake challenging conversations

What will you learn in this Program

The need for impactful communication

Gain insight into the critical role of communication to create positive change in a volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex world.

Module 2 The role of communication in shaping society

Understand how communication can be used to build more inclusive communities.

Attributes of an effective communicator

Explore the attributes that contribute to becoming an effective influencer.

Communicate effectively using listening and storytelling

Examine different communication approaches and techniques.

Purpose-driven communication and influence

Learn how embedding and cultivating a purpose driven organisational culture can affect change within an organisation.

Influence change within and beyond your network

Explore how communication can be used to influence change, infuse confidence, and overcome barriers.

Collaborating to achieve impact

Gain insight into how to achieve cooperation with stakeholders through effective communication.

Maximising your influence and impact

Reflect on your Personal Impact Plan and create a network of peers.

Who should attend this course?

If you often feel others around you are regularly influencing ideas which you believe could be improved or changed for the better, then having the confidence to say so will help you stand your ground and successfully persuade others.

This course is for anyone who wants to feel confident and equipped to pro-actively deal with workplace situations sensitively and effectively to gain positive win-win outcomes. Participants will take part in highly interactive self-reflection activities, practical and hypothetical scenarios, and group discussions.