Data Science and Machine Learning using Python

This training on Data Science and Machine Learning using Python in Dubai is designed to equip participants with the essentials of Data Science in a hands-on manner and prepare participants for a career in this field.

This Data Science and Machine Learning using Python Training in Dubai will provide the participants with the complete tools to become an effective and efficient Data Scientist.

Data is extremely important to all organizations, and at all levels. Data Scientists are need of this era in all sectors/ industries be it IT and software companies, banking and finance, automotive, energy, healthcare, hospitality, construction and real estate sector, transport, retail, and every domain of business you can think of.

Data science is one of the fastest-growing-much-needed sectors of the tech industry. In simple words, there is soaring demand for Data professionals yet a huge deficit on the supply side. This training on Data Science and Machine Learning using Python in Dubai will ensure you have the knowledge to kick-start your career in Data Science.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training on Data Science and Machine Learning using Python, delegates will be able to:

  • This course will provide interactive hands-on training for the participants to feel confident to start working in the industry
  • Understand the fundamental concepts in machine learning
  • Learn the applications and uses of machine learning in professional
  • Develop algorithmic strategy
  • At the end of this program participants will learn to understand the how to manage Data Science projects throughout the life cycle

Course Outline | Data Science and Machine Learning using Python Training

This course on Data Science and Machine Learning using Python in Dubai will cover components of building and applying prediction functions with an emphasis on practical applications in the industry.

This Training on Machine Learning using Python in Dubai is designed to train participants to for Python which is a general-purpose programming language and is becoming popular for data science/ data analytics/ data mining.

Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Statistical learning (statistical analysis) VS machine learning
  • Introduction and adoption of machine learning
  • Understanding Basic Concepts

Being Practical with Python for Machine Learning

  • Python set-up
  • Machine learning libraries and packages
  • Working with Pandas and Scikit-Learn

Machine Learning and Model Deployment

  • Learn state of the art AI & Machine learning models
  • How to create, test, train and deploy models
  • You will learn supervised learning and theoretical aspects of machine learning
  • How to build Classification, Regression, KNN, Decision Tree, Random Forest and other data science models

Python for Data Science

  • Learn to Manage and analyze data in Python
  • Functions and loops in Python
  • Learn about Jupyter Hub & Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Scipy etc.
  • Pandas Library in Python
  • Exploring and Data
  • Using Quandl
  • Integrating with Excel
  • Learn Variables, Data Types and Type Conversion in Python
  • Numbers & Strings in Python
  • Working with Lists in Python
  • Data Visualization in Python (Matplotlib & Seaborn)
  • Dictionaries in Python
  • Manipulating Data Frames
  • Conditionals & Loops in Python
  • Functions & Built in Functions in Python
  • Descriptive Statistics in Python
  • Troubleshooting

Exploratory Data Analysis and Model Preparation

  • Learn to clean and validate data, visualize distributions and relationships between variables
  • Exploratory techniques for summarizing data
  • Prepare data for machine learning models
  • Learn to work with real data, make discoveries and present compelling results using Python

This course is designed for beginners / starters to learn data science machine learning technique. To learn Python effectively the participants must have basic IT knowledge.

Course methodology

  • Lecture, interactive discussion, exercises, case studies and heavy hands-on practice.