Telesales Training for Results

About the Course:

The ultimate telesales roadmap to ensure great outcomes every time. The program on Telesales Training for Results in Dubai offers a review of all the techniques and skills essential for selling successfully over the phone.

It is a highly participative course that reinforces learning points, through practical exercises and role plays that are very relevant to business.

Participants will understand the key concepts and structure of a sale.

All the processes of Tele-selling are covered in an easy to understand step-by-step format.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide each delegate with a carefully structured plan for effectively selling over the phone
  • To understand the aspects of Hunter and Farmer Approach
  • To look at the key stages of a sale and clearly identify areas where each delegate needs improvement
  • To look at many of the problems of Telesales with a fresh perspective
  • To provide each delegate with a range of helpful and practical suggestions to enable them to improve their overall sales performance

Program Content

  • An Introduction To Sales
  • The Four Key Areas Of Knowledge Needed To Sell Effectively
  • The Qualities Required In A Professional Salesperson
  • Understanding The Psychology Of Selling
  • Tangible & Intangible Reasons Why People Buy
  • Push And Pull Technique
  • Developing Individual Telescript
  • Captivate In First 15 Seconds!
  • How To Get Past The Gate Keeper?
  • How To Use Tone And Words Effectively For Selling
  • Open Ended & Close Ended Questions
  • Active Listening For Buying Signals
  • How To Overcome Objections And Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  • Handling ‘Price’ Discussions
  • Top 3 Closing Techniques
  • Role-Plays

The training methodology includes a set of Advanced Training Techniques, Individual Assessments, Individual and Group Activities, Powerful Presentations, NLP, Audio & Video Learning, Effective Role Plays, Simulations and Case Studies. The Trainer makes the subject ‘come alive’ during the training sessions so that the participants can go back and ‘make it real’ in their work environment.

Run this training as an in-house option.