Tender Management Training

Training Goals & Objectives

This Tender Management Training in Dubai is designed to help professionals to learn the dynamics of effective tender management process and improve their practical skills in the areas of procurement through effective tender management.

This Tender Management Training focuses on areas related to development of participant’s skills in identification of suitable and qualifying vendors, their selection process based on organization’s criterion, pricing strategies for procurement, various strategies to attract vendors bids with a focus on tends management, negotiation skills for effective procurement, selection of threshold criteria for procurement, effective contract management and trouble shooting in procurement contracts.

Practice Areas

During training, the participants will practice

  • Development of enterprise wide procurement strategies
  • Strategic procurement – the partnership approach
  • Understanding and management of changing market variables
  • Procurement policies and procedures
  • Procurement planning process
  • Vendors pre-qualification process
  • Pre and Post tender management strategies
  • Negotiation skills
  • Pricing and purchasing terms
  • Procurement contract management
  • Expediting & trouble shooting

Activities in Tender Management Training

Tender Management Training in Dubai comprises of a number of activities to help the participants to learn the application of knowledge attained during the training. They include

  • Each participant will take the role of procurement manager as well as vendor. Under a given situation, participant will evaluate procurement terms and conditions in line with corporate procurement strategy as well as market conditions and will take efficient procurement decision based on his/her knowledge and judgment.
  • Participants will undergo various simulations in which they will learn to make decision under conditions of uncertainties and fast changing market conditions.
  • Training will also help participants in developing effective negotiation skills as an essential tool of procurement professional.
  • Exercises will be done practice process of expediting and troubleshooting incase of uncertainties and variations in procurement contracts.

Pre Session Activities

  • Networking & Participant Introduction
  • Course introductions & Overview

Course Outline

Overview on Procurement Process

  • Importance of Procurement Function in Business
  • What is Procurement Process
  • Procurement as a source of competitive advantage
  • Strategic Procurement & Relationship Management
  • Creating a Win Win situation in Procurement
  • Recent trends in Procurement Process

Strategic Procurement

  • What is Strategic Procurement
  • Importance of creating a partnering approach
  • Relationship management skills
  • Pricing and bargain under strategic procurement
  • Do’s & Don’t in procurement
  • Road blocks and speed breakers in strategic procurement

Class Exercise: Simulation exercise for learning the difference between ordinary procurement and strategic relationship management in procurement function. 

Procurement Professionals Toolkit

  • Procurement Management Process
  • Essentials of effective Procurement Management
  • Procurement planning skills
  • Understanding pricing dynamics
  • Negotiation skills
  • Contract drafting skills
  • Contract management skills
  • Troubleshooting & variation management skills

Class Exercise: Identification of mistakes in procurement planning, control, negotiation through given case study.

Tender Management Skills

  • Steps in procurement process
  • Identification of need
  • Category profile
  • Market analysis
  • Procurement planning
  • Purchasing cycle
  • Prequalification of vendors
  • Supplier selection
  • Contract drafting & management
  • Variations handling

Case Study: Learning process will be enhanced through a case study in which the procurement process was not followed carefully resulted in a disaster.

Risk Management

  • Purchase related risks
  • Vendor selection
  • Risk mitigation techniques
  • Hedging
  • Value based purchasing
  • Expediting & trouble shooting

Procurement Contract Management

  • Drafting skills
  • Incorporating expectations
  • Securing your goal post
  • Legal issues in procurement contract management
  • Avoiding contingencies & uncertainties

Class Exercise: Participants will be given tedious procurement terms and will be requested to draft suitable procurement contract.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony