UAE Corporate Tax Training

Through this UAE Corporate Tax Training professional will have access to complete approach to tax management through function design, technology & compliance delivery to meet challenges and putting in the place processes & systems to enable them to deliver more with less.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) through Ministry of Finance (MoF) is in process of introducing a federal Corporate Tax regime for the first time ever in United Arab Emirates (UAE). And with this UE Government will issue a corporate tax law and executive regulations for implementation of the Corporate Tax Law.

This course will give you the best opportunity to be able to transfer their newly acquired knowledge and skills into the workplace.

The models and scenarios in UAE Corporate Tax Training are designed and delivered with an objective, from a tax perspective ensuring that participants are able to fully relate to the material and thus increasing their understanding and knowledge retention.

Our complete approach to tax management brings together tax function design, technology and compliance delivery; setting a strategy which flexes to meet the changing needs/ challenges and putting in the place the people who are competent, smooth processes and effective systems to enable them to deliver more.

We offer structured UAE Corporate Tax Training Course for tax and finance professionals to attain a high level of competency in UAE Corporate Tax in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We offer Training on Value Added Tax and other tax related training courses in Dubai and all of United Arab Emirates with our expert professional with practical experience of national and international taxation.

Participants will achieve a good appreciation of UAE Corporate Tax, its tax principles and tax laws, and be able to apply these principles in daily tax tasks in the industry.

The session also includes critical analysis of the technical and legal issues as well as the challenges and opportunities which may emerge for businesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Scope of UAE Corporate Tax
  • Basic concepts of UAE Corporate Tax and its impact on their company
  • Impact of UAE Corporate Tax on the organization /company
  • How UAE Corporate Tax will impact the operations of the company
  • Taxable and Exempt industry sectors from UAE Corporate Tax.
  • Corporate Tax Computation
  • How to account for accounting profit and the tax while UAE Corporate Tax Calculation
  • Preparation and submission of Corporate Tax Return
  • Having peace of mind that tax is not such a big task
  • Preparation of tax returns, statements and reconciliations
  • Administering routine tax affairs including notices handling
  • Saving money by active compliance via updating changes in tax laws
  • Direct Tax and Indirect Tax nexus
  • How to avoid errors and omissions in Corporate Tax calculations

Following are the expected outcomes after completing the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai:

Course Topics of UAE Corporate Tax Training

Welcome Note

  • Introduction of trainers and training team
  • Participant introductions and pre-evaluation

Introduction/ Overview

  • Overview of Corporate Tax Frameworks around the Globe
  • UAE Corporate Tax in line with UAE VAT Law
  • Scope of Application for Corporate Tax in UAE
  • Reasons of implementation of UAE Corporate Tax Training
  • Tax Rates, Exemptions and Reduced Rates
  • Taxable Income / Businesses
  • Non-taxable Income / Businesses
  • Exempt Income / Businesses

Setting-up Tax Compliance Department

  • Talent and People
  • Structure and Organization
  • Talent acquisition strategy and continuously training
  • Resources are deployed appropriately according to skills and needs
  • Focused on data analysis
  • Proactive key decision makers
  • Highly specialized and deployed appropriately
  • Centralized operations with cost effective measures
  • Effective communication and coordination between business units
  • Errors traceable to an owner
  • Policies and procedures Integration, automation and accuracy

Practical / Real life issues

  • Overview of different industries and their taxation (Hospitality and Tourism, Real-Estate, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Construction, Distributors, Service Providers)
  • Administration, Collection and Enforcement
  • Industry Specific benefits/ incentives/ exemptions
  • Expenses to be regularized (Allowable and disallowed)
  • Tax Planning Essentials
  • Inter-emirate business relations
  • Impact of Corporate tax on business operations, structures, and mergers etc.

Taxability of Free Zones

  • Basics of Taxability of Free Zones all over UAE
  • Legal Framework of Free Zone Authorities
  • Freezone companies doing business with mainland businesses

Setting Strategic Direction

  • How does the tax compliance department lead in the rest of the organization in terms of tax cost and tax risk?
  • How to operate a tax department that effectively delivers value while managing risks
  • Case studies: How tax compliance officers evolve to set their strategic direction
  • Keeping Accurate Books and Records
  • Changes in Management Systems
  • Changes in Agreements, contracts and business dealings
  • Implementation, Compliance and Monitoring
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Tax Code for business/ tax policy and its Implementation

Deep Dive – UAE Corporate Tax Training

  • An overview of statistics applied in organizations
  • Microsoft® Excel® and some key tools
  • Working With Decision Variables and Optimizing Solutions
  • Exercise – Self assessment of current practices and development opportunities
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Application of IFRSs and taxation
  • Group Taxation Regulations
  • Withholding taxes
  • Understanding the Principles of Intelligence Analysis
  • Techniques for managing collection and the passage of data between organizations

International Regulations and Taxation

  • Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS)
  • Taxation and Money Laundering
  • Transparency and Transaction Monitoring
  • Cash-Based Money Laundering
  • Trade-Based Money Laundering
  • Building better Vendor on-boarding process
  • International Trade Compliance
  • Anti-corruption practices
  • Data Privacy

Who Must Attend

This well-researched course will benefit executives who are responsible for the taxation affairs in the industry or in practice.

Business Entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, Finance Managers, Staff Accountants, Senior Accountants, Chief Accountants, Finance Directors, Head of Finance, Accountants, Auditors, Accounting Managers, Controllers, External & Internal Auditors, Tax Consultants, Tax Advisors, Tax Lawyers, People who wish to improve their tax knowledge, Consultants other professionals in the accounting and finance functions will find the course particularly useful.

Organizations consider this course as a great opportunity to train their officers in the complexities of tax matters in the industry.

  • Accounting Professionals
  • Finance Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Finance Executives
  • Tax Professionals/ Officers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Internal Audit Staff
  • Risk Officers
  • Operational Managers

Review of Course

  • Recap of course content
  • Questions and answers

Materials Provided

  • Course material file and hand-outs
  • Exercise sheets and activities

Participants will Get

  • Seminar pack containing the information presented on the day
  • Fun learning activities
  • Certificate of participation

Course fee and Duration

Per participant AED2,490 (Inclusive of UAE VAT)


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Training Topics also Include

Imposition of Corporate Tax and Rates

Corporate Tax shall be imposed on Taxable Income, at the rates determined under this Decree-Law, and payable to the Authority under this Decree-Law and the Tax Procedures Law.

Corporate Tax Rate

Corporate Tax shall be imposed on the Taxable Income at the following rates:

  • 0% (zero percent) on the portion of the Taxable Income not exceeding the amount specified in a decision issued by the Cabinet at the suggestion of the Minister.
  • 9% (nine percent) on Taxable Income that exceeds the amount specified in a decision issued by the Cabinet at the suggestion of the Minister.

Corporate Tax shall be imposed on a Qualifying Free Zone Person at the following rates:

  • 0% (zero percent) on Qualifying Income.
  • 9% (nine percent) on Taxable Income that is not Qualifying Income under Article 18 of this Decree-Law and any decision issued by the Cabinet at the suggestion of the Minister in respect thereof.

Exempt Persons

Explain what kinds of persons are exempt from UAE Corporate Tax, that include Government Entities, Qualifying Public Benefit Entity, public pension or social security fund, or a private pension or social security fund that is subject to regulatory oversight and much more

Corporate Tax Base and Taxable Person

This section will discuss on pre-requisites of persons taxable under UAE Corporate Law and how to determine an organization’s tax base.

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