Interviewing Skills – Advanced Recruitment and Selection

Course Overview

Let’s face it: great leaders are great because they surround themselves with fantastic, talented people. Here is a little-known secret: most leaders are not very skilled at interviewing. Making poor hiring decisions (and keeping bad hires) based on deficient interviewing skills costs companies millions of dollars every year. This Interviewing Skills – Advanced Recruitment and Selection Training Program in Dubai United Arab Emirates helps leaders develop the proven skill sets to interview and find the best candidate every time.

Course Outcomes

This interviewing course will:

  • Prepare participants to successfully interview potential candidates.
  • Suggest techniques for asking thoughtful questions.
  • Share guidelines regarding questions that should not be asked.
  • Provide ample practice time.

Introduction to Recruitment and Selection

  • The importance of hiring the right people
  • The cost of hiring errors
  • Why behavioural interviewing?

Before the Interview

  • Conduct a job analysis
  • Recognise critical incidents
  • Identify competencies and performance dimensions
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Prepare neutral job applications

The Selection Interview 

  • Forming the Interview Questions
  • Writing the questions
  • Developing the response you are looking for
  • Developing rating scales
  • Making ratings reliable and consistent

Developing an Interview Format

  • Develop rapport
  • Structure the interview process
  • Gather predictive information
  • Sell your organisation
  • Gain a commitment
  • Conclude the interview

Interviewing Techniques

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Ask open questions and probe answers
  • Use active listening skills
  • Pause, clarify, summarise
  • Record applicant responses

The Selection Process Interviewer Errors The Evaluation Phase – Rating Interviews

  • Rating errors and how to avoid them
  • Valuing and scoring candidate responses

Program Objectives

  • Understand the impact of interviewing and hiring the best applicants.
  • Identify and use the tools and techniques for interviewing effectively and finding talent.
  • Use the right kinds of questions to uncover what they are looking for.
  • Learn and use a specific step-by-step process for interviewing that eliminates mistakes.
  • Develop an action plan for their growth and development as interviewers.